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Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma


Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Training with ‘Microsoft Excel’ Course Do you find it tough to maintain accurate financial records of your business, or fumble in handling all the accounting processes of your organisation efficiently? Bingo!!! This Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma Bundle Consists of the Following Courses: Course 1: Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course Course 2: Xero Accounting Diploma Course 3: Microsoft Excel Course Learning Benefits of Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma Bundle: With successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to better understand the credit lines, cash in or cash out, payables and receivables of your organisation. Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma course will also provide you insights on how to improve the financial condition and increase cashflow. More precisely it will train you up on maintaining the Nominal ledger Customers Suppliers Sales ledger Purchases ledger Sundry payments Sundry receipts VAT – Value Added Tax Bank reconciliation Reports, and many more! Why Xero Accounting +Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma Bundle Course? Excel your skills to the next level with our all-in-one course bundles. We are offering a huge range of premium bundled courses at a reduced price. These courses are arranged to – Provide you with the foundation and equip you with the necessary skills to apply them in the real world. Help stimulate your skill set to prepare you to succeed in your venture. Be incredible for any learner looking to achieve and utilise valuable specialised skills and knowledge, enabling you to dominate in progress and growth We bring you the best Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma combo offer which will lead you to the utmost perfection with numbers! With this step by step Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma , you’ll receive a complete education on Xero Accounting and Quickbooks Bookkeeping. You’ll also get to know how to handle real-time financial data, maintain cashflow and keep keen eyes on the invoices and bills efficiently! Moreover, you can collect financial data, look after the transactions, calculate the revenue or wages with full competence! Exciting, right? So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself this favour now, get enrolled in this complete accounting bundle offer and provide complete accountancy support to your organisation with expert knowledge in no time! Don’t miss the once-a-lifetime offer, develop organised financial statements, manage invoices online and ensure a smooth transactions system! Don’t delay! Enrol today in this perfect Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma course for better understanding of your finances and transactions. Identify the transactions of monetary nature and measure them in terms of currency! Why Should I Take This Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma Bundle? 10 hours of on-demand video lectures. Affordable premium-quality E-learning content, you can learn at your own pace. You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course. Internationally recognised Accredited Qualification will boost up your resume. You will learn the researched and proven approach adopted by successful salespeople to transform their careers. You will be able to incorporate various practical sales techniques successfully and understand your customers better.

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****Course Curriculum ****

***Xero Accounting + Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma***

**Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course**

Getting prepared – access the software and course materials

  • The structure of the course – first things first!
  • Set up free trial

Getting started

  • Starting A New Company File

Setting up the system

  • set up nominal accounts
  • Enter opening balances
  • Reverse opening balances – accruals and prepayments
  • report journal

Nominal ledger

  • amend the nominal ledger
  • Report listing the nominal ledgers


  • Enter customers
  • Report on customer contact information


  • enter suppliers
  • supplier contact list

Sales ledger

  • Enter invoices
  • Invoice entering Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping Diploma
  • Invoice batch
  • Post Sales Credit Notes
  • Report showing Customer Activity
  • Aged Debtors

Purchases ledger

  • Post Supplier Invoices
  • Entering a batch of supplier bills
  • Credit Notes Suppliers
  • Reclassify supplier bills – flash bulbs purchased
  • Supplier Account Activity Report

Sundry payments

  • Post Cheques
  • Report showing supplier payments

Sundry receipts

  • Receipts from customers
  • Report showing customer receipts

Petty cash

  • Post Petty Cash Transactions and Report
  • Post cash payments to ledgers
  • Enter petty cash items
  • Report on Petty Cash Payments Proper
  • Post Sundry Payments
  • Report Bank Payments

VAT – Value Added Tax

  • VAT Return

Bank reconciliation

  • Reconcile The Bank
  • Provide A Report Showing Any Unreconciled Transaction

Payroll / Wages

  • Post the Wages Journal
  • Posting Journal adjustments


  • Month end adjustments
  • Month end reports


  • Task- Crearing the accounts
  • Task – Customer report

**Xero Accounting Diploma**

Getting Prepared – Access the software and course materials

  • Introduction To The Course And Your Tutor
  • Activating Your Free Trial With Xero
  • Course Paper

Getting started

  • Signing Up For The Free Trial
  • Instruction of Updated Xero Accounting Software
  • Create The Organisation
  • The Ficticious Scenario

Setting up the system

  • Add Bank Accounts To The System
  • Enter Opening Balances
  • Opening Trial Balance

Nominal ledger

  • Amend The Nominal Ledger
  • Chart Of Accounts Report

Customers & Suppliers

  • Enter customers
  • Entering suppliers
  • Reporting Customer And Supplier Information
  • Sales ledger
  • Enter Invoices
  • Invoicing tips – adding logo, repeat billing
  • Entering Invoices 6574 to 6610
  • Post Credit Notes
  • Report Showing Customer Activity
  • Aged Debtors
  • Suppliers
  • Post supplier invoices
  • Enter suppliers invoices 6028 onwards
  • Enter More Supplier Invoices No 4308 Onwards
  • Credit Notes Suppliers
  • Supplier Activity Report
  • Aged Creditors Info

Purchases ledger

  • Receipts from Customers
  • Apply Customer Credit Notes

Sundry payments

  • Post Supplier Cheques
  • Apply Supplier Credit Notes
  • Print List Of Bank Receipts And Payments

Sundry payments

  • Post Sundry Payments
  • Make a credit card payment

Petty Cash

  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 1
  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 2
  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 3
  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 4
  • Imprest System on Petty Cash
  • Print a Copy of Petty Cash Receipts and Payments

Bad Debt

  • Writing Off A Bad Debt – Print Customer Statement
  • Write Off A Bad Debt

Credit Card

  • Reconcile The Credit Card Statement

Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Statement As A CSV File
  • Bank Statement Closing Balances
  • Reconcile The Petty Cash

Payroll / Wages

  • Wages And Salaries
  • Post the Wages Journal
  • Report Wages Journal
  • Payday
  • Pay The Two Staff

VAT – Value Added Tax

  • Depreciation
  • VAT Return


  • Month End Reports PnL, BS, TB

Payroll unit

  • Using Payroll
  • Setting Up Employees
  • Running Payroll – An Example


  • Recap And Next Steps
  • What happens next


After completing all the modules of the Xero Accounting +Quickbooks Bookkeeping Diploma, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the course completion Final Exam with no extra cost.


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