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This Compliance and Risk Management Course is designed for anyone looking for a pathway into this profession and wants to develop their industry knowledge and skills. It covers the role of the Compliance Officer and compliance department in detail, with step-by-step training in compliance auditing and risk management. This course will equip you with the fundamental skills needed to identify and manage regulatory risk in your organisation, taking you through key topics such as how to implement an efficient Compliance Management System, ethics and compliance, risk types and classifications, and how to design a solid risk management strategy. By the end of this practical training course, you’ll have an excellent understanding of core compliance issues, as well as how to promote a positive compliance culture for your organisation, which will give you a head start when it comes to standing out in the relevant job market. Enrol today and learn the fundamentals of compliance and risk management to kickstart your career. Learning Outcomes By the end of the course, learners will be able to: Discuss the role & responsibilities of the compliance department in detail Identify the five basic elements of compliance, auditing and development Implement and monitor a Compliance Management System in the workplace Understand the compliance audit process and how to identify audit risk Demonstrate knowledge of the difference between ethics and compliance Explain the nature, different types and classifications of risks Design an effective risk management strategy for their organisation Identify, analyse, monitor, review and treat risks in compliance Key Features of Compliance and Risk Management Course Our trusted, high quality and affordable online courses are designed to train individuals to become experts in their field. Accredited, quality CPD training Instant e-certificate and hard copy dispatch by next working day Fully online, interactive course with audio voiceover Course material developed by qualified professionals Self-paced learning accessible via laptop, tablet and smartphone 24/7 Learning assistance and tutor support Discounts on bulk purchases *** Additional Gifts *** Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Course Demonstrate knowledge of how COVID-19 emerged Understand how COVID-19 spreads and how to prevent it from spreading Identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and which groups of individuals are most at risk Comply with government health guidelines and maintain excellent hygiene 5 CPD Points (Accredited by CPD) Free E – Certificate included *** (Offer Ends Soon) ***

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Module 1: Introduction to Compliance

In module one, we will gain an in-depth understanding of what compliance is, taking a look at the benefits of compliance and the role and responsibilities of the compliance department.

Module 2: Five basic elements of compliance

In module two, we will explore policy and code of conduct in compliance, learning about the structure of the compliance organisation and key compliance processes. It includes training on how to implement an effective compliance audit process.

Module 3: Compliance Management System (CMS)

In module three, we’ll learn how to implement and monitor a Compliance Management System in the workplace, with step-by-step training. It discusses the key elements of CMS, the role of the compliance committee and compliance officer, and compliance programs.

Module 4: Compliance Audit

In module four, we will learn about compliance auditing within a public sector context, exploring the principles and elements of compliance auditing. It covers key topics such as the compliance audit process, quality control, audit risk, and audit team management.

Module 5: Compliance and Ethics

In module five, we will explore the conceptual differences between ethics and compliance, taking a look at the responsibilities of ethics and compliance practitioners, as well as shared challenges, values and rules.

Module 6: Risk and Types of Risk

In module six, we will learn what constitutes a risk in compliance and risk management, exploring the classifications, types and nature of risk, from pure risk to financial risk.

Module 7- Introduction to Risk Management

In module seven, we will deepen our understanding of how to manage risk, learning about the standards and principles of risk management, as well as the history of risk management and its concepts.

Module 8: Risk Management Process

In this final module, we will fully familiarise with the risk management process and framework, with training on how to identify, analyse, evaluate, monitor, review and treat risk.


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