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Teaching – Positive Handling in Schools


This positive handling in the school training course is designed to provide those who work in the education sector (teachers, teaching assistants etc) and parents of pupils with a deeper understanding of the procedures, policies and legislation surrounding positive handling in the learning environment. This course includes practical exercises, case studies and audiovisual material that will take you through every area of positive handling in school. From government guidance to the duty of care and physical intervention, it covers everything you need to know. Taking inspiration from the SCARF model, you will learn key best practice procedures to deal with difficult situations and behaviour successfully. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to create an effective positive handling plan that promotes learning and gets to the root of difficult behaviour efficiently. Learning Outcomes By the end of the course, learners will be able to: Make important decisions when it comes to duty of care Demonstrate a clear understanding of government guidance when it comes to positive handling Understand the development of aggression in early childhood Work efficiently in compliance with the Children Act 1989 and other key legislation Positively influence a situation through effective use of the SCARF model Create a successful positive handling plan that promotes learning effectively Key Features of Positive Handling in Schools : Our trusted, high quality and affordable online courses are designed to train individuals to become experts in their field. CPD accredited, quality training Instant e-certificate and hard copy dispatch by next working day Fully online, interactive course with audio voiceover Developed by qualified safeguarding professionals Self-paced laptop/tablet/smartphone-friendly learning 24/7 Learning support and assistance

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Course Structure

In module one, we will gain an in-depth look at the school structure and how the system supports children, staff and parents.

Module 2: A Serious Business

In module two, we will learn about the strategies for dealing with aggressive behaviour and the essential skills required for positive handling.

Module 3: The Aggression Curve

In module three, we will be introduced to the aggression curve model and will explore different techniques for calming aggressive behaviour.

Module 4: The SCARF Model

In module four, we will learn how to apply the SCARF model in positive handling to help stressed students and diffuse difficult situations in the learning environment.

Module 5: Government Advice and Guidance

In module five, we will familiarise with government regulations in the UK regarding positive handling in school.

Module 6: Making decisions: Duty of Care

In module six, we will take a look at legal obligations regarding duty of care between a school and its pupils, and how to make informed decisions regarding positive handling.

Module 7: The Law

In module seven, we will explore the law regarding positive handling in schools and key legislation surrounding positive handling compliance.

Module 8: Physical Intervention and Restraint

In module eight, we will learn about the various situations that require physical intervention when positive handling in schools, and the policy regarding restraining pupils.

Module 9: Screening, Searching and Confiscation

In the final module, we will gain a deeper understanding of the screening, searching and confiscation process, procedures and policies.


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