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Foot Health Practitioner Foundation Course, Cert. of Achievement FHPF (TSA)


A Foot Health Practitioner is a trained professional able to work in the private sector and will be expected to safely recognise, assess, advise upon and treat a wide range of common foot conditions such as callus, corns, fungal infections, nail and skin problems and to be able to offer general foot care advice to help the patient avoid future issues. A Foot Health Practitioner can make a real difference to people’s lives, encouraging strong and healthy feet and nails aids general overall comfort and mobility. The course format offers complete flexibility for study in your own time and pace. The complete course wiil be emailed to you to study via your mobile device, laptop, or to print as a hard copy to use as your coursebook. There is no time limit for completion of the course, (or for attending the 5 day practical element if you wish to do so) There are 14 detailed yet easy to understand modules each with a tutor marked assessment to enable the student to progress safely. On completion the Student will be able to book the useful/optional 5 day practical clinical experience course if they so wish for an additional fee. All TSA Courses are written by experts in their field and offer excellent value making your learning needs affordable, this allows you to enter into your chosen field much faster. You will:- Learn to offer a safe and comprehensive treatment to your clients Learn to recognise a wide variety of common foot problems and understand what you can and cannot treat – when a referral to other agencies is required. Gain new skills and the confidence to use them in your business. The course contains a business set up module to help you quickly become successful in your new career. On course completion students will be elligible to attend an additional 5 day practical/hands on course should they wish, at an additional cost, to enable them to gain experience working in a clinical setting with additional tuition for scalpel work, dressings, medicaments and more.

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Module One

Introduction to the work and responsibilities of an FHP, Code of Conduct, Practitioner Compliance, Health & Safety Guidelines,

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology of the Lower Limb, Directional Terms,

Module Two

The Muscular & Skeletal Systems, how the foot and lower limb work,

Module Three

Blood Flow / Circulation, Muscles & Skin, Taking the Pedal Pulse, Structure of Nails,

Module Four

How we walk, the Gait cycle, Pes Cavus & PIes Planus (High arched & flat feet) causes and treatments, HAV (Bunions) and management of other common foot problems and treatments.

Module Five

The Importance of Sterilisation, the Definitions of Infection and Bacteria, Chronic & Acute pain alleviation

Module Six

Tools of the Trade and their uses, Why we need Wound Dressings and Padding

Module Seven

Skin Conditions and Hyperkeratosis / Callus, How to manage complications & treatments, skin problems to look out for including Melanoma,

Module Eight

Technicalities of Fungal Infections and Their Treatment, types of fungi, management, Veruccae, Easy reference guide to common foot problems and their treatments,

Module Nine

Nails and Nail Problems, observations needed, treatments and improvements.

Module Ten

The Diabetic Foot – Causes, Signs & Symptoms to look out for, neurological examination to highlight any issues that need referral to GP/Diabetic foot specialist, basic foot care and advice.

Module Eleven

How to Conduct an Examination of Your Patient, Initial Observations, Record Keeping, Client information needed, Handling Patients, Neuro. assessments, Domicilliary Work.

Module Twelve

Situations You Will Need To Deal With In Your Practice, How to deal with common problematic scenarios.

Module Thirteen

The Business of Being a Foot Health Practitione, Accounts, Inland Revenue Rules for Self Employed, Consumer Law, Useful links, How to Grow your Business, Additional Services to Offer,

Module Fourteen – Final Assessment – Certificate of Achievement will be awarded together with the use of ‘Cert.FHPF (TSA)’ in the student’s professional title.

After completing the course students may then apply to attend our Practical Training Course should they wish to do so to add to their knowledge and gain experience and confidence. This additional course covers scalpel training, use of dressings and medicaments and more. Details will be sent when the theory course is purchased.