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Accounting Unit Certificate


Accountancy Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements and their Recognition Criteria – CPD Accredited In Accountancy the financial statements are of great importance. In Accountancy the financial reports provide the necessary information about the Accountancy financial position of the company and shareholders can access the current position of the company through these Accountancy statements. On the other hand, in Corporate Governance it is also a legal requirement for the companies to produce their Accountancy financial statements for reporting. Therefore UKPDA has developed this course with an aim to understand the importance of Accountancy financial statements and identify the important elements in a Accountancy statement. Accountancy course introduces the learners with the statements which are necessary in this modern business world and how these statements are developed and what are their important elements. In addition to this the course also highlights the purpose of different statements and enables the learners to identify the necessary elements of statements and interpret them accurately.


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Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements: Course Benefits

  • Flexible learning
  • No exams, Assignments based
  • 100% success rate
  • Personal Tutor is Available

Learning Objectives

  • After taking this course the learners will be able to understand;
  • The different types of statements within the business
  • Purpose and objective of producing the financial statements
  • Different elements of a financial statement
  • How to prepare and interpret the financial statements

Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements Course Content

This Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements course will cover the following topics;

  • The elements of financial statements
  • Recognition of the elements of financial statements
  • Applying the recognition criteria
  • The main financial statements
  • Purpose of financial statements
  • Statement of changes in equity

This course will help the learners who want to understand the financial statement and want to prepare and interpret them. The business owners, newly recruited employees, professionals who are given the task for producing and interpreting the financial statements can take this course.

Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements: Course Benefits

The following is included for online study with UKPDA

  • Course material includes all the essential learning material such as lecture notes, Assessments, Quizzes (if require) in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint format and other useful study links.
  • Assessment resources accessible through our online learning platform 24/7.
  • A professional one-to-one tutor to provide all-inclusive assistance throughout the course by online


After studying through the training manual, Learner will have to attempt the Final Assignment.

The Assignment Brief containing the different questions will be available on the Learning Platform. You will be assessed by UKPDA’s Assessor. A range of assessment methods may be used. When an assessment criteria is met, it will be graded ‘Pass’. If there is further evidence required, it will be graded ‘referred or fail’ and your assessor will give feedback as to how you can meet the criteria. You can resubmit an assignment as many times as you need to.

All Written report(s) / Assessment(s)are online and are taken either through or after the course, these are included in the course price.

Accountancy Elements of Financial Statements course Duration

The minimum time period to complete this training is 4 Weeks. But it is a self-paced course, and the duration of completion depends on the learner’s pace and ability to give time to study.

Learners will have access to their Training via Learning Platform for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners for completing the course at any time.


Upon successfully passing the Final Assignment(s) / Final Test(s) Learner needs to pay for CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion either in PDF format or Hard-copy.

Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £29

Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £40 + postage charges Local £9, International £14