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SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) Certification Training


SAP HCI is designed as an Integration as a Service Platform (PAAS), with the help of multiple independent business process systems / applications that can be integrated. HCI can build cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-on-premise, and hybrid models. SAP HCI training includes real time business process integration. HANA Cloud Integration is the SAP Cloud Intermediate Software. The SAP HANA cloud platform is a service for companies with which, for example, startups and third-party software developers create Hana-based testing cloud applications. SAP HCI Enterprise Training is cloud technology. It is a technology built organically from SAP and offers a wide range of possibilities. It provides a number of available application service databases and infrastructure that can be used to develop and test applications. SAP HCI training is used to transfer data between many different protocols and help integrate processes into different systems. With Uplatz SAP HCI course You will learn- Introduction to SAP HANA (HCI) cloud integration. Practical HCI tools, and data integration descriptions of HCI and SOAP and SFTP adapters. SAP HANA cloud integration process. The HCI support process. Ready-to-use WEB-UI integration. SAP HANA cloud integration adapters. .

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IT_Development_Software engineering


  • SAP Cloud Platform, Introduction
    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP)
    • Explain Landscape Architecture-Relevant Terms
    • Learn about typical use cases
    • Explore What is in it: Product Capabilities and Services
  • Platform Concepts
    • Understand Basic Platform Concepts
    • Explore Datacenters
    • Understand Security
  • Digital Transformation – Java Development
    • Introduce Digital Transformation, Java Development
    • Explore 12 Factor Microservices
    • Use the Supported Java Development Environment
    • Explain Supported Java Programming Models by CF
    • Operate Java Applications on SAP Cloud Platform NEO
  • Digital Transformation – SAP HANA Development
    • Understand SAP HANA Development
    • Understand the SAP HANA XSA Development on CF
  • Digital Transformation – HTML5/SAPUI5/Fiori Development
    • Introduce HTML5, SAPUI5, and Fiori Development
    • Use SAP UI5
    • Use SAP Fiori
  • Agile Business – Extend Application
    • Introduce Agile Business
    • Understand the Application Frontend
    • x-tend the Application: Backend
    • Explore SAP Cloud Platform Data and Storage Services
  • Enterprise Optimization – Integration Services
    • Introduce Enterprise Optimization, Integration Services
    • Explore Available Integration Services
  • Enterprise Optimization – Process Integration
    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform, Integration Service
    • Implement iFlows
  • Enterprise Optimization – API
    • Explain API Management
    • Build and Publish APIs
  • Internet of Things Services (IoT)
    • Explore the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data and Process Integration
    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform, integration service
  • Other Interesting Services and Features
    • Explain SAP Cloud Platform SaaS Extensions
    • Explore SAP Cloud Platform Business Services
    • Explain Cloud Platform Data and Storage
    • Understand SAP Cloud Platform Security