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SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) Certification Training


Uplatz offers comprehensive training on SAP HCM module. This is video-based online course (self-paced training). SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) , also called SAP HR (Human Resource management), is one of the most popular and demanding SAP ERP Module that plays very important role in the monitoring and management of entire Human Resource operations like Payroll, Recruitment, Performance management and Termination, Time & General Administration processes of any organization. The main objective of the SAP Human Resources (SAP HR / HCM) module is to process the employee data of the organizations according to their business necessities. It is integrated with other SAP modules and peripheral systems. The Human Resource module uses a structure of data grouped together called info types. The Personnel Administration (PA) sub module helps the professionals to track the employee master data, work schedules and salary information. The Personnel Development (PD) functionality concentrates on employee skills, qualifications and career plans of the organization. Finally, the Payroll sub modules process the employee attendance, gross salary and tax calculations, and payments to employees and third party vendors. SAP HCM module provides organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, HR professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce by understanding where their workforce’s talents lie and in turn aligning the goals of the employees with those of the organization. In a nutshell, automation of all core human resource processes, such as employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting, increases efficiency and supports compliance with changing global and local regulations. The SAP HR/HCM module integrates with other modules such as SAP FI. Document transactions occurring within the SAP HR/HCM course (personnel management, time management, travel management and payroll etc.) generate account postings via account determination tables from the FI module. Key components of SAP HCM module are: Organizational Management – Organizational Management includes Personnel development, Personnel cost planning and event management. Time Management – Time management includes time recording, attendance, time schedule, shift management, etc. Personnel Administration – Personnel Administration includes personal and organizational structure, Infotypes, integration with time and payroll, etc. Payroll – Payroll deals with payroll types, payroll group configuration, primary and secondary wages, gross pay, bonus, etc. Recruitment – Recruitment includes hiring an employee, maintaining HR master data, etc. Training and Event Management – Training and Event Management deals with identifying training needs, scheduling training, training cost management, etc. Travel Management – Travel Management includes managing official trips, cost management for travel, travel expenses, etc.

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SAP HCM Course Syllabus


  • SAP ERP Introduction
  • SAP HCM Introduction
  • SAP SYSTEM Installation
  • Creation of System Access


  • HR structures.
  • Creation of Enterprise structure
  • Creation of Personal structure
  • Creation of Organization structure
  • Organization and Staffing Method
  • Simple Maintenance Method
  • Expert Mode, Matrix Structure
  • Objects, relationships
  • Reporting structure
  • Structure Reorganization
  • Account assignment


  • Concepts of Number range
  • Hr master data configuration
  • Overview of Infotype, subtypes
  • Configuration of Info group
  • Personnel Actions
  • Screen Modification
  • Overview of Infogroup modifier
  • Customizing the Features/ Decision Tree


  • Overview of Time management
  • Negative Time Recording.
  • Time evaluation
  • Time entitlement
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Work schedules concept
  • Absence and attendance quota’s Generation
  • Configuration of rules such as counting rule
  • Rounding and configuration of reduction rules.
  • Deduction rules for quota generation


  • Pay scale structure
  • Generation of payroll periods and Paydays
  • Creation of Payscale Structures
  • Concepts of Wage Type Group
  • Creations of wage types
  • Copy and creation of wage type groups
  • Processing class
  • Evaluation class
  • Cummulation of wage types
  • Overview of PCR Creation (Personal Calculation Rule)
  • Overview of Schema Functions and Operations
  • Off cycle payroll
  • Retroactive Accounting
  • Control record
  • Payroll Simulation
  • Creation of Remuneration Statement


  • Applicant Master date configuration
  • Applicant number range
  • Applicant actions
  • Workforce requirement and advertising
  • Applicant administration
  • Applicant status creation
  • Applicant structure creation
  • Concepts of short profile


  • Overview of Blueprint Preparation
  • User Testing
  • Overview of ASAP Methodology
  • Discussing Mock Certification Questions