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SAP Successfactors Employee Central (basic to advanced level) Certification Training


Uplatz offers in-depth and extensive training on SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module. This is video-based online course (self-paced training). This SAP SuccessFactors EC training covers all components of EC module in depth and provide you the skills to use the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module for effective HR employee management. SAP SuccessFactors training can open the doors to the vast world of Human Capital Management and thus a number of job opportunities. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) is a module provided by SAP to provide optimal cover for operational and strategic HR processes in an organization.With SAP SuccessFactors, the HR processes get going. With the EC module, SuccessFactors meets all the requirements of a modern, high-performance HRIS system. Employee Central is the heart of your HR system and the basis for all HR processes in your company. Employee Central scores with fully integrated employee and manager self services, simple approval processes and cool mobile applications. The modular architecture allows you to start working with the solution and expand it bit by bit according to your priorities. Furthermore, SAP SuccessFactors is not only ideally matched to S/4 Hana, it also integrates well with classic SAP ERP solutions or any non-SAP solutions. Do you want to focus on core operational processes? Then Employee Central is the answer to your needs. From organizational management and master-data management to flexible absence management, a full suite of proven SAP quality awaits you. Of course, from the outset you will benefit from integrated employee and manager self-services. EC is a preferred choice to provide single source of truth and platform to integrate and improve your HR, Talent Management and Analytics processes. Employee Central combines the innovation and localisation power of SAP with agility of cloud HRIS. Whether for a SME or a major international corporation, Employee Central is 100% scalable and caters for the local legal requirements of more than 30 countries. In Employee Central, you define your organizational structure and maintain all HR master data from when a person joins the company, through organizational changes to when the person leaves the company. You decide for yourself which data may be changed by employees and supervisors themselves, and which follow-up processes are associated. Is your company growing or are you buying companies? With Employee Central, you can integrate new employees in record time, as there is no laborious as customization to slow you down. With Employee Central you gain speed and support your business. Core features of Employee Central include: 1. Master-data and organizational management Recording and maintenance of all relevant employee and organizational data; employee and manager self-services; flexible workflows for the approval of data entries, data integration with talent-management modules. 2. Position management Recording and updating of positions, job families and job profiles. 3. Absence management Filing of work schedules, local holiday calendars, and holiday allowances and regulations; administration of various types of absences; requests for leave and approvals. 4. Authorization administration Definition of more flexible role and authorization concepts. Authorizations along the organizational structure and on the field level. 5. Reporting Comprehensive reporting of all master data; KPI reporting Impact on Employee Engagement with Employee Central Employee Central has become by far the most important part of the suite which is necessary to offer other processes and modules in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, in particular around talent and analytics. Employee Central gives us the opportunity to work together in new ways, delivering user-friendly tools and social HR. People can create an identity for themselves, strengthen connections and social collaboration in order to increase engagement. The platform brings everything together across the organisation to transform the work experience and manage your team for business impact and overall success.

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central course curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Mastery Topics

1. Cloud and SF Architecture
2. Instance, Provisioning explanation
3. Technical Architecture
4. Integration Technology/Tools
5. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
6. Basic company settings in Provisioning
7. Creating administrators in Provisioning
8. Creating administrators in Instance
9. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
10. Administrator tools

11. Commonly used terms
12. Admin Privileges
13. Proxy Management
14. Setting up company Logos
15. Manage Data User Records
16. Employee Data File17. Permissions
18. Role Based Per missioning (RBP).
19. Pick list Management.
20. Text Customization in Instance
21. XML and Data models
22. People Search
23. Rating Scales
24. Route Maps (Workflow)
25. Launching forms
26. Employee Profile

Module 2: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM module

1. Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
2. Data models
3. Employee Central Structure
4. Data model Management
5. Data model Associations
6. Enable employee central and RBP
7. Update employee details
8. ESS/MSS functionality
9. Understanding security
10. Managing security with RBP
11. EC as a system of record
12. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
13. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
14. Creating and modifying associations
15. Propagations
16. Importing users and data
17. Mass Changes
18. Customizing employee files
19. Customizing CSF for employee files
20. Position Management
21. Absence Management
22. Employee Central Reporting and Integration
24. MDF Overview
25. MDF Objects creation
26. Manage Business Configuration Rules setup
27. Manage Workflow Requests/groups
28. Org Chart
29. Manage Sequence